LMC Wraps Up Another Successful Expo!

LMC Wraps Up Another Successful Expo! Main Image
A key event for LMC Dealers to plan their forest products purchasing strategies for the following year.
LMC is thrilled to announce the conclusion of another successful EXPO. From October 13-14, LMC welcomed Dealers to Philadelphia for two days of forecasts, contracts, and networking.
Working with their LMC team and core supplier partners, LMC dealers from across the country gathered market intelligence and building trends for the coming year.
Networking opportunities at the Update Breakfast, the Philly-style luncheon, and the opening reception provided much-needed facetime for old friends to catch up and connect on today’s pressing issues.
“There is a lot of information shared in casual conversation on the floor that is very insightful. We all face similar challenges, so it is great to be in the same space and compare notes,” said Mark Mizgorksi, President of Hayward Lumber.
Sarah Hounslow, President of BMF stated, “One of the best parts of the LMC EXPO is the in-person component. The opportunity to connect with dealers and meet all LMC employees is bar-none, it is fantastic.”
At the supplier forum, key principals from Boise Cascade, Roseburg, and Culpeper Wood Preservers shared updates on the state of the industry and the bounce-back from supply chain issues. In addition, they shared their predictions for 2023 to help LMC Dealers develop their customized purchasing strategy for the coming year.
Fastmarkets RISI Senior Economists Dustin Jalbert and Tom Jennemann delivered the keynote speech. The speech provided vital insights into Fastmarkets RISI’s Lumber Commentary, North American Lumber 5-Year Forecast, and North American 15-Year Forecast.
“The LMC Expo was an outstanding success. Our dealers and suppliers truly enjoyed some great networking along with support from our team to plan for 2023.” said Paul Ryan, President, and CEO of LMC
Events like this demonstrate the power of the LMC dealer network when provided a direct line for the best possible supply chain relationships from the top brands in the industry.

The next EXPO will be held in Philadelphia on November 2 - 8, 2023.