LMC Expands Adding the Manufactured Housing Buyers Group (MHBG)

LMC, the leading Forest Products and Building Materials Buying Group in the US, announced today that MHBG (“Manufactured Housing Buyers Group”), an association of independently managed Manufactured Housing and Modular Housing Producers, is joining LMC. This combination marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of enhancing purchasing power and leveraging collective resources for the mutual benefit of all the cooperative’s members.

A new division will be created at LMC, called the Modular Building Division, to support this Manufactured housing channel. The team at MHBG will join the LMC Team in this new division. By aligning with LMC, it provides MHBG members with an expanded product line opportunity as well as access to the services LMC provides, in addition to preserving the purchasing strengths MHBG has with its current product focus. This strategic partnership underscores the commitment of LMC to empowering its members with enhanced procurement solutions, thereby driving cost efficiencies, and fostering sustainable growth with diversification.

Paul Ryan, LMC President and CEO stated “This is a great opportunity for both organizations. The MHBG members will form the core of our new Modular Building Division, along with certain existing LMC members. This will strengthen our business in this market segment and will improve our collective purchasing power for all LMC members. We welcome the MHBG members, the team, and their supplier partners as we work to drive opportunity and growth for everyone.”

"We are extremely excited to announce our partnership with LMC," said David Jessup, Chairman of MHBG and Owner of Jessup Housing located in Waco Texas. "This collaboration represents a pivotal moment for our members, as it enables us to amplify our purchasing capabilities and deliver greater value through access to premium suppliers, favorable pricing, and innovative procurement strategies."

Jay Wilson, MHBG’s Chief Negotiator, added, “LMC is a very strong fit for our members, who are very independent minded entrepreneurs. I’m personally honored to go to work with the LMC team to create an environment for our members that allows them to compete at the highest levels with large scale enterprise companies.”
With shared values of collaboration, innovation, and excellence, this partnership signals a united effort to navigate evolving market dynamics, mitigate supply chain risks, and capitalize on emerging opportunities.