LMC Dealers Celebrate a Century or More in Business in 2024

LMC Dealers Celebrate a Century or More in Business in 2024 Main Image
LMC congratulates the remarkable achievement of 92 esteemed LMC Dealers who are set to celebrate a century or more in business in 2024. This collective feat of endurance and success forms the bedrock of LMC's unwavering commitment to its guiding principle: Building Business Together.

In the pursuit of honoring the legacy of these dealers, Paul Ryan, LMC President & CEO, emphasizes, "The enduring success of our dealers make them cornerstones of our industry and their communities. Their lasting commitment to their employees, customer service, and their business partners is a testament to the foundations upon which LMC is built."

Commending these dealers goes beyond recognizing mere endurance; it encapsulates navigating the challenges of economic ups and downs, the ever-changing housing market, and a focus on innovating to exceed customers’ needs and expectations. These century-old dealers have weathered storms and emerged stronger, demonstrating a level of strength that sets them apart in the industry.

Highlighting the rich history of these dealers, LMC celebrates the following Dealers on reaching the extraordinary milestone of a century or more in business:

Hancock Lumber Company Inc 176 Years
Richardson Industries, Inc. 176 Years
William B. Morse Lumber Company 171 Years
Moore Lumber & Hardware Company, Inc. 170 Years
FA Requarth Company 164 Years
Fakes & Hooker Inc. 157 Years
Squier Lumber & Hardware, Inc. 150 years
Morsches Lumber, Inc 153 Years
J. C. Snavely & Sons Inc. 146 Years
Southern Builders Supply, Inc. 144 Years
Smith-Phillips Lumber Company Inc. 144 Years
Beeson Hardware Company, Inc. 141 Years
Crane Johnson Company Inc. 141 Years
Legg Lumber Company Inc. 140 Years
Mahoney’s Building Supply Inc. 140 Years
Sanford & Hawley Inc. 140 Years
Home Lumber Company Inc. 139 Years
Humphrey’s Building Supply 139 Years
Randall Brothers, Inc. 139 Years
Steinkamp Home Center 139 Years
Shaw Acquisition Corporation 138 Years
Schoeneman Brothers Company Inc 136 years
Curtis Lumber Company Inc. 134 Years
Stacey Holdings, LLC 132 Years
Seiffert Building Supplies LLC 132 Years
White's Lumber, Inc. 132 Years
Ruffin & Payne Inc. 132 Years
Better Living Inc. 131 Years
Vowell & Sons Inc. 129 Years
Matthews & Fields Lumber Company 128 Years
Belletetes, Inc. 126 Years
Graves Lumber 125 Years
Gennett Lumber Company 123 years
Rings End Inc. 122 Years
Building Center Inc. of Gloucester 121 Years
City Lumber Company, Inc. 121 Years
Friel Lumber Company 121 Years
Iffland Lumber Company 121 Years
Morton Buildings 121 Years
Lang Building Supply 119 Years
GW Smith Lumber Company 119 Years
Congleton Lumber 119 Years
Union Lumber Company, LLC. 119 Years
Braun Building Center Inc. 119 Years
Kirchner Building Centers 118 Years
Dunn Lumber Company 117 Years
Fitch Lumber Company 117 Years
Moxham Lumber Company Inc. 117 Years
Tindell's Building Materials 117 Years
Builders Supply Company 116 Years
Wheelwright Lumber Co., Inc. 116 Years
Cellar Lumber Company 116 Years
Tague Lumber, Inc. 116 Years
Ansonia Lumber Company 115 Years
Dykes Lumber Company Inc. 115 Years
Lawrenceburg Supply Company Inc. 115 Years
Sterling Lumber & Investment Company 115 Years
Arnold Lumber Company Inc. 113 Years
Burton Lumber 113 Years
The Miller Lumber Company 113 Years
Forcum-Lannom 112 Years
Kuiken Brothers Company, Inc. 112 Years
Mead Clark Lumber Company 112 Years
Beaver Builders Supply Inc. 111 years
Benson Lumber & Hardware Inc. 111 years
KBP Bellingham, LLC 111 years
Linn S. Chapel Company, Inc. 111 years
Nelson-Young Lumber Company 111 years
John Sixt & Son, Inc. 111 years
Dugger Investment Company, Inc. 111 years
Woodson Wholesale, Inc. 111 years
Ogden & Adams Lumber 111 years
Arlington Coal & Lumber Company Inc. 110 Years
Home Lumber Company Inc. 110 Years
Western Materials, Inc. 109 Years
Elliott Lumber Inc. 107 Years
Garris-Evans Lumber Company Inc. 105 Years
Hayward Lumber 105 Years
National Lumber Company 105 Years
Holman Supply Company 104 Years
Randall Lumber & Hardware, Inc. 103 Years
EW Stewart 103 Years
Mentor Lumber & Supply Company Inc. 102 Years
Morrison Brothers Building Center 102 Years
American Lumber Company, Inc. 101 Years
Denver Lumber Company 101 Years
Christensen Lumber, Inc. 101 Years
Davis-Hawn Lumber Company 101 Years
Guy C Lee 100 Years
Hamilton Building Supply Company 100 Years
Learned Lumber 100 Years
Heller Lumber Company 100 Years


LMC also extends congratulations to all dealers celebrating milestone anniversaries this year. The partnerships between the LMC Team and LMC Dealers has been the driving force behind our mutual success. LMC looks forward to building on these strong foundations for years to come.